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Given our comprehensive sector knowledge emanating from being one of the leading global telecom carriers, we have adapted our expertise to enable marketing and A2P SMS services. Our strong partnerships with operators and world wide connectivity help us empower our clients to enhance their communications strategies. RedPlanet is capable of facilitating SMS services over protocols such as

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Nowadays, people are being exposed to thousands of messages from hundreds of sources making it harder to catch their attention. Technology, advertising and marketing channels are growing and strategies are shifting accordingly. In light of all these aspects, multichannel strategies are becoming more important than ever.

Thanks to the growth in mobile technologies, SMS marketing services are a medium that shouldn’t be ignored. People are always on their phone, shopping, buying tickets, socialising with others, getting messages ranging from tracking heartbeats to getting advice from AI applications…

This modern era diversity provides an opportunity for your products, brand or company while putting you at a great risk of losing yourself in complexity. Are you going to beat the competition or get lost in the ocean of modern marketing era?

Winning Strategy

Always be one step ahead from the competition of mobile marketing with the comprehensive SMS gateway services of RedPlanet.

The SMS gateway offered by Redplanet is a compelling communication channel suited for effective, two-way interaction throughout the world facilitating global P2P and A2P communications

Business texting services can expand brand awareness, create customer loyalty and deliver timely content or critical information, providing the immediacy and interactivity that no other medium can offer.


It's now time to leverage your business

Red Planet provides high global coverage text marketing services ensuring the delivery of your desired content to your target audience. Several objectives can be achieved with a good SMS service marketing strategy. You can;

  • Create SMS advertising and ameliorate brand awareness
  • Two-factor authentication to prevent fraud
  • Create loyalty between your products, brand, service, and customers
  • Reaching millions of customers easily as a promotion tool
  • Make geographical segmentation and create a well-optimized plan
  • Enhance your brand recognition

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