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Since the date RedPlanet Global was founded in 2013, We collaborate with major VOIP carriers all around the globe. We ensure high capacity and instant delivery at reasonable prices. RedPlanet Global has complete understanding and recognition of the customers' needs, and by offering the highest quality services, we aim to maximise our customers' satisfaction

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet.


LEADING IN THE VOIP HUBBING MARKETPLACE; optimize your costs to maximize your revenue

One of RedPlanetGlobal corporate goals is establishing long-term relationships with our business partners. By offering them stable VoIP CLI Routes and reliable services with high availability, excellent statistics parameters and backup routes for each destination, we guarantee that their calls will be terminated. Anytime. Anywhere.

Collaborating with RedPlanet Global means being connected to the world’s Tier1 Retail and wholesale operators. Our valuable list of interconnections allows us to offer partners global reach and competitive rates.

If you are seeking for a competitive routes, cost-effective rates and a great support in VoIP market,dont hesitate to get in touch with us!

RedPlanet VoIP solutions;
first-class VOIP termination and wholesale VOIP services

As one of the market’s large corporations active in Voie and SMS services RedPlanet Global has successfully provided clients all over the world with effective services.
By applying cutting edge technologies, top of the shelf equipments and advanced expertise of top notch professionals and technical experts to provide all clients with high quality Internet access services and effective user connection setup, RedPlanet Global has managed to reduce the gap between customer expectations and service quality to a minimum degree and follow a solid and organized plan in its progressive course of activity, aimed at upgrading the quality level of services and gaining total customer satisfaction. At present, hundreds of thousands of home users and tens of thousands of different organizations and companies use RedPlanet Global services for their daily voice and data needs.

Interconnection With
Over 500 Companies

Full Network

Active In Over 170

Genbang Sessions
Border Controller

Operations At A 60,000+
Channel Capacity

99.9% Network

Wide Bandwidth

High Capacity Network

High Quality Cli

Wholesale VoIP

Pre And Post Payment

Voice Quality With
The Highest Standert


Our numerous agreements with direct suppliers, POPs and interconnections with carriers of any size allow us to provide the best price-to-quality ratio on the market. We offer competitive prices for our VoIP CLI Routes with excellent levels of ACD and ASR. You can trust our competence and objectivity of the current telecom market situation.

24/7 NOC monitoring traffic

At RedPlanet, we have an expert 24/7 NOC team that closely monitor all the incoming and outgoing traffic, and give immediate supports to all clients and vendors.

Network & Coverage

We reach most of our PoPs over satellite transmission and fibre connections. The telephony traffic is converted into data packages, and sent to gateways within our network to reach the country of destination. From there the IP packages are then reconverted and fed into the conventional Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN) of the local operator. This guarantees even in hard to reach countries best voice quality and low delay and latency rates.

VoIP Business Partner

  • Through our global network of operators and carriers, RedPlanet provides quality international calling to end-users and client-partners. Our core destinations are concentrated in the Middle-East and Africa via our directs with our valuable partners. Grow your voice presence in the Middle-East region, and benefit from our cost/quality value.
  • Our retail division uses quality routes for international termination to over 200 destinations, generating more than 10 Million minutes monthly in organic retail traffic. Allow RedPlanet to negotiate the best rates and routes, when your end-users benefit from our crystal voice quality at affordable rates.

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